What gets you excited to come to work each day?

In more than 20 years, there have never been two identical days. TV, radio, print, digital, photoshoots, business cards. Every day has seen a unique problem — and a highly skilled group to solve it in its own way. The variety of clients, projects and team members I get to work with on a daily basis makes every day exciting. Add in emerging and changing technology, personal experiences and expanding team members and it’s impossible to ever have two days be alike. Some days the ideas come quickly, while others you are really challenged to get to stronger, better ideas. The fact that when I walk into these doors on a given day I can’t predict what will happen next keeps me coming back for more.

What’s the weirdest thing on your desk, and why do you have it?

There is no way to determine what the weirdest thing on my desk is. Could be the playmobile astronaut, pirate or ghost. Could be an old camera, viking helmet or purple trumpet. Maybe it’s my old baseball glove or a stuffed rat. Whatever it is, it’s part of my story. Something that connects me to another place or time. It’s a connection to other people, a memory of a moment, a thought or a sensation. We often talk in advertising about the single most compelling benefit — this random collection of unrelated and mismatched imagery — helps me remember those one-word moments or phrases. Maybe it helps me connect with simpler, stronger thoughts or images. Or, maybe they’re just fun — and we all need to remember we are in a fun business.