What brands do you admire and why?

As a former employee of Chick-fil-A corporate, I am a raving fan of the brand from a customer and employee perspective. Chick-fil-A is always consistent when it comes to their food, customer service, wait time, brand messaging, cleanliness and impact on the community. They treat their employees and guests with the utmost respect and give people something to crave, far beyond just the food.

I am also a fan of Southwest Airlines because of the importance that they place on their people and their culture. They believe that if they treat their employees right, they will in turn treat their customers right, which results in increased business that makes everyone happy. They also add some fun and humor to the flying experience which makes Southwest memorable and often leads them to be ranked #1 in customer satisfaction.

What drew you to LGA?

As someone who loved my previous job, I had pretty high standards when relocating to Charlotte and looking for my new career. LGA immediately stood out because it was evident that it is a company that cares about its people and its partners. The fact that many clients have chosen to work with LGA for decades is a testament to the strong relationships they have built, as well as the results that the agency delivers. I knew I wanted to be part of a company that I could be really proud to represent, and that is definitely the case with LGA.

What gets you excited to come to work each day?

I get my energy by surrounding myself with other people so I love coming to an office where I am challenged and supported by a team every day that genuinely cares about one another. I am also extremely relational, so I consider it an honor to be able to interact and build relationships with our clients and partners on a daily basis.