What gets you excited to come to work each day?

We work in such a fast-paced industry that nothing is ever stagnant. We constantly wake up to a new project, a new challenge, and a new problem to solve. Whether visually or technically, we are constantly working to develop more seamless and inventive solutions for our team and our clients.

What’s the weirdest thing on your desk, and why do you have it?

I have three dinosaurs: an Allosaurus, a Dilophosaurus and a Triceratops, to be exact. I’ve had them on my desk since I began my advertising career with my first agency. They were given to me by a dear friend and teammate and constantly remind me that some things you don’t have to see to know the mark they left behind.

Where do you find your inspirations?

I find inspiration in the creative people I am surrounded by in my life. Whether it’s chatting or collaborating, a conversation can almost always turn into a creative discussion. Between teammates, local artists and strategic thinkers, we are all looking for the best and above all most creative solutions to better our work, our processes and our relationships.