What gets you excited to come to work each day?

First of all, the partners I get the opportunity to work with are probably what gets me most excited about coming to work. In a very short time, I have fallen in love with the tourism and travel industry, and to get to work with the partners who are on the front lines of the industry in our state is incredibly exhilarating. It does not hurt that they are also some of the nicest people to work with. VisitNC and LGA have given me a huge responsibility to run with this program and manage it successfully. I am excited to live up to and exceed those expectations. Our team that we have at LGA also gets me excited to come to work each day. The camaraderie of this team is unlike others that I have had experience with in the past. We work hard for and with our clients and we also know how to make every day new and fun.

Where do you find your inspiration?

I find my inspiration from my coworkers, my mentors and the partners I work with on a day-to-day basis. Advertising and marketing are industries that will continue to evolve as long as the industry is living and breathing, so I am constantly inspired, I would say. Our clients and partners walk boldly with us through this industry and push us to keep up with the ever-changing trends of this industry. Digital is the new frontier and has been for some time. I love seeing what LGA is doing to pioneer this industry with our partners and clients on a daily basis. This is an exciting time for our company, and being along for the ride is a thrill in and of itself for me.

What drew you to LGA?

LGA has worked with some of the most iconic brands. From the Panthers, to Belk, the PGA Tour Championship, Coca-Cola Consolidated and my personal favorite, (I might be a little biased here) Visit North Carolina. LGA is not a one-note, one-industry agency. We truly like to work with companies who want to take the opportunities that they have and amplify them. That is where LGA shines when partnering with clients. This gives us the ability to not only cross many platforms to accomplish this for our clients, but also work in many different disciplines and industries as well. LGA has been a pillar in the marketing, advertising and public relations world in the southeastern region since the early 1980s. LGA is still finding ways to connect the wisdom and knowledge they have gained over the years and partnering it with the drive to continue advancing in this ever-changing industry. All of this and more is what drew me to LGA.